Pablove Across America 2012!!!

I’m excited! This Fall, I’ll be riding from Boston to Philadelphia, and raising money and awareness of pediatric cancer throughout the northeast! We’ll ride through my old stomping grounds in the New York City area, and we’ll continue to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Just a few days ago, the Pablove Foundation issued five new research grants:

Help keep our work going! Please support my ride and pass this along to others. Thank you!!!

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Pablove Across America 2011 – Day 7

Mission Accomplished! 70 easy miles into New Orleans today, making for a total of 600 miles in the past 7 days, taking us from Nashville. Good roads today, and the last fast riding along the gulf coast area, before a couple of local riders joined us for the final mellow 20 miles to the finish at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. Very emotional to complete the ride, just like last year. Then, Jeff Castelaz, John Bennett and I (all three cancer dads on the ride) visited with some cancer kids in the hospital, sharing our journey and giving out some toys and stickers. That really drove home what this is all about – making a statement to support these children.

10/28/2011 Pablove Day 7, Picayune, MS to New Orleans, LA

View 70.8 mile road bike ride starting in Picayune, MS, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500

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Day Six – 94 miles to Picayune

‎94 miles today over rolling terrain, at a nice 19.5 mph average speed. We owe that pace to two separate surges/attacks, both started by the same person – you know who you are!!! I feel surprisingly good, considering 535 miles in my legs over the past six days. Tomorrow brings 70 miles to the finish in New Orleans!

10/27/2011 Pablove Day 6, Laurel, MS to Picayune, MS

View 94.1 mile road bike ride starting in Laurel, MS, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500

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Day 5

Belated ride report from Wednesday’s ride, my 5th day of Pablove Across America. Short and sweet – only in the context of a cross-country ride is 62 miles “short!” We paired off for a two-man team time trial in the middle of the ride for a little excitement. Great weather, great riding, for a greater cause!

10/26/2011 Pablove Day 5, Meridian, MS to Laurel, MS

View 62.6 mile road bike ride starting in Meridian, MS, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500

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Pablove Across America 2011 – Day 4 – EPIC!!!

Truly Epic. No other word seems to fit today’s ride. Crisp and cool when we left our motel in Columbus, MS, but it warmed quickly. Just as quickly, we found ourselves on rocky, dirt, and muddy roads, and we did probably 10 miles total on those surfaces. It was more like snow skiing than bike riding! But great fun! A bit later, some of us surged for a while and had a really fun and fast trip heading south in Alabama (we crossed back in to AL today for a while). The entire group persevered and rode hard for a total of 113 miles today, pushing toward today’s destination of Meridian, MS. We have now completed 372 miles, with 200+ more to come. The finish in New Orleans is going to take more effort than we originally thought, but isn’t that like those kids and their families facing cancer? You never know what the road ahead holds, but you persevere nonetheless.

View 113 mile road bike ride starting in Columbus, MS, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500
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Pablove, Day 3!

Started out foggy and soggy, but we climbed a bit and got right out of the fog and into gorgeous (Sweet Home) Alabama, “where the skies are so blue.” Had to do some riding on a few miles of hardpack dirt, but all in all, a good day.

View 98.6 mile road bike ride starting in Russellville, AL, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500
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Pablove Day 2!

Pablove Day 2! Beautiful country roads for most of the day today. We took a short detour to Muscle Shoals Studios, where lots of very famous artists have recorded over many years, including the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. We somehow got a tour of the place! Very cool, since Pablove Founder @Jeff Castelaz and several others in the group are in the music biz. This is my first time in Alabama, and it seems very nice here, but’s it’s now overcast. Tex-Mex restaurant on tap for dinner tonight in rural Alabama – wish us luck!

10/23/2011 Pablove Day 2, Lawrenceburg, TN to Russellville, AL

View 72.9 mile road bike ride starting in Lawrenceburg, TN, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500

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Pablove Across America 2011 – Day 1

Day 1 (of my week, week 3) of Pablove Across America is in the books. Nashville to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. Started a bit chilly, but turned out to be a beautiful day. Rode through some nice little towns, over some beautiful countryside, and got chased by many, many dogs. There must be a law that requires people in some areas to keep multiple, off-leash dogs in their yards, ready to chase bike riders! Went through an area with some Amish people too. Tomorrow will be one of the shorter days, at 62 miles – into Alabama we go! Would love your support:

View 87.9 mile road bike ride starting in Nashville, TN, ridden by Adam Weber, and recorded with a Garmin Edge 500
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Pablove Across America – 2011!!!

Last year, you helped me raise over $12,000 for pediatric cancer research and programs for the Pablove Foundation. I rode in honor of my son Leo, who completed his treatment for Burkitt’s Lymphoma in April, 2010. Leo is thriving, cancer-free, and about to enter kindergarten. We are absolutely thrilled, but nonetheless remain fully committed to eradicating pediatric cancers of all types. Thus, I respectfully ask for your support for Pablove Across America 2011!


The money that you generously contributed to the Pablove Foundation last year has been put into action, by the issuance of three research grants of $50,000 each:

• Research by Dr. Loretta Lau will explore a novel mechanism of how cancer cells stay alive using neuroblastoma as a model. Neuroblastoma is the most common solid tumor in children outside the brain and the most common cancer in infancy.

• Dr. Holly Meany is conducting an early phase clinical trial combining cytotoxic chemotherapy with molecular-targeted treatment in children with relapsed solid tumors, including Wilms Tumor. Wilms Tumor is the most common form of kidney cancer in children, often occurring in kids under the age of five.

• In collaboration with the Children’s Oncology Group, Dr. Elizabeth Mullen’s project will investigate the development of urine tests to predict outcomes in children with Wilms Tumor using cutting edge technology called proteomics. This may lead to further understanding of why Wilms Tumor behaves the way it does and will be of particular importance in those who relapse or suffer from anaplastic disease.

Funding research for pediatric cancers will lead to better outcomes. Breakthroughs made from research in one area often lead to breakthroughs that benefit patients with other cancers. Thank you for making this possible!!!

I am committed to this cause and respectfully ask for your support for Pablove Across America 2011. This year’s journey will be from Milwaukee to New Orleans. I plan to ride the third and final week, 532 miles from Nashville to New Orleans. The ride is in late October, but I humbly ask you to make a contribution at your earliest convenience. No contribution is too small, as every dollar makes a difference. Thank you.


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Day Six

Day Six (for me) was the final day of my ride and of the Pablove Across America ride for 2010. We rode almost 80 miles, from Ventura to Los Angeles. Having gone 320 miles in the past five days, I was somewhat concerned that I would feel really sluggish at some point on this ride. It turned out not to be a problem, however, as the adrenalin was pumping the entire ride because we were nearing our final destination. We started the day with about 15 riders, including six cancer dads – several whose children had completed treatment and are now cancer free, like Leo; one currently battling a relapse; and one whose battle was lost. Our stories had lots of similarities, and many shared the same cautious optimism about the future. Along the way, we picked up another 20 riders who wanted to show their support, and join the ride for the final 25 miles. Emotions ran high as we completed the journey. Jeff Castelaz led us to the finish line, and moments later reiterated his commitment to this cause. I am glad that I got to be a part of Pablove Across America, and eagerly look forward to the day that a child’s cancer diagnosis leads not to surgery and/or months of intensive chemotherapy and a still uncertain outcome, but rather a prescription for a few pills that rapidly eradicate the disease completely and without side effects.

Thank you to all who have supported this journey with donations, kinds words, or both. It is very much appreciated, and anyone interested may still contribute at any time. Your contributions can and will make a difference. A very generous family saw all of the donations contributed by so many people to support all of the riders, and decided to make a $500,000 donation to the Pablove Foundation, far surpassing the overall fundraising goal for Pablove Across America and enabling Pablove’s first research grants for early 2011. Taking action leads to results, and I thank you for that.

Final day ride stats:

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