Day Four

Mud, sweat, and gears – that sums up my fourth day with Pablove Across America. We rode from Pismo Beach to Solvang, 70 miles. It was soggy and wet the whole time, with lots of mud during the his first half of the ride, and a decent amount of rain during the second half of the ride. Not every day can be sunny, right? That should be obvious to those who don’t live in Arizona.

Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the ride. Riding in those conditions is not something I do often, due to Arizona’s dry climate, but I have come to enjoy it. While that is nothing in comparison to what kids with cancer routinely endure, Jeff from the Pablove Foundation reminded me this morning that cancer kids often learn to persevere and be happy under extraordinarily difficult circumstances. It’s the times that you most want to quit, that are the most satisfying to continue. It’s a good lesson to learn.

Today’s ride:

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One Response to Day Four

  1. Betsy says:

    Adam — just wanted to shout out how awesome you are doing, and let you know that we’re proud and impressed… And I hope you have better weather for the rest of the week!