Day Six

Day Six (for me) was the final day of my ride and of the Pablove Across America ride for 2010. We rode almost 80 miles, from Ventura to Los Angeles. Having gone 320 miles in the past five days, I was somewhat concerned that I would feel really sluggish at some point on this ride. It turned out not to be a problem, however, as the adrenalin was pumping the entire ride because we were nearing our final destination. We started the day with about 15 riders, including six cancer dads – several whose children had completed treatment and are now cancer free, like Leo; one currently battling a relapse; and one whose battle was lost. Our stories had lots of similarities, and many shared the same cautious optimism about the future. Along the way, we picked up another 20 riders who wanted to show their support, and join the ride for the final 25 miles. Emotions ran high as we completed the journey. Jeff Castelaz led us to the finish line, and moments later reiterated his commitment to this cause. I am glad that I got to be a part of Pablove Across America, and eagerly look forward to the day that a child’s cancer diagnosis leads not to surgery and/or months of intensive chemotherapy and a still uncertain outcome, but rather a prescription for a few pills that rapidly eradicate the disease completely and without side effects.

Thank you to all who have supported this journey with donations, kinds words, or both. It is very much appreciated, and anyone interested may still contribute at any time. Your contributions can and will make a difference. A very generous family saw all of the donations contributed by so many people to support all of the riders, and decided to make a $500,000 donation to the Pablove Foundation, far surpassing the overall fundraising goal for Pablove Across America and enabling Pablove’s first research grants for early 2011. Taking action leads to results, and I thank you for that.

Final day ride stats:

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