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In August, 2009, our 4-year-old son Leo was diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a very aggressive blood cancer. At the time of his diagnosis, Leo had just turned four years old and had just started Pre-K. Leo’s diagnosis was followed immediately by an almost three week hospital stay at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This proved to be only the beginning of his treatment, however, as Leo’s aggressive chemotherapy treatment continued through April, 2010. The treatment included various inpatient hospital stays during the first four months, totaling over 65 nights, plus countless additional visits to the PCH cancer clinic. Medical costs billed to our insurance company to date are almost $900,000. Thankfully, Leo’s prognosis was excellent from the start, and he is now more than three months post-treatment, and CANCER FREE. We are, needless to say, extremely pleased with this outcome.

We are very fortunate that the cure rate for Burkitt’s Lymphoma is very high, and that Leo responded very well to the chemotherapy. There are many other forms of cancer that afflict young children like Leo, and unfortunately many have prognoses that are far less optimistic. September is pediatric cancer awareness month. In the U.S., cancer claims the lives of more children under age 18 than any other disease. It strikes without warning, without reason, and without provocation. Leo is the inspiration for this ride and is doing very well, but there are many more children elsewhere that will face this disease, and some will unfortunately lose their struggle. We are blessed with a positive outcome, and feel compelled to take action so that other children facing a similar battle should have the same level of success. As such, Adam has chosen to support the Pablove Foundation and its mission to raise funds to support pediatric cancer research and support child life programs around the country. Child Life programs are available at hospitals around the country to help children understand and deal with their illnesses and treatment. The Child Life personnel and programs at Phoenix Children’s Hospital were a huge help for Leo during his treatment, both in helping him understand the procedures he was enduring, and in allowing him a place to play at the hospital, so he could just be a kid, even during the midst of his chemotherapy.

The Pablove Foundation is organizing a bicycle ride from Seattle to Los Angeles this October to support it mission. Adam is planning on riding with them for one week, from Santa Cruz, California, to Los Angeles, California, a distance of 423 miles. We are asking for your support, as Adam seeks contributions totaling at least $25.00 for each mile he plans to ride. Please consider donating a quarter or dime for each mile. Your generous contribution will help other families facing pediatric cancer both endure through such a difficult period in their lives, and to speak the most wonderful words, that their child is now “CANCER FREE.”

Please take action now. While we appreciate any donation amount at any time, the logistics of this ride require that funds be raised as soon as possible. Please click HERE , and make your tax-deductible contribution today. Adam rides in honor of Leo, but the ride is really about all the other children who face pediatric cancers of all types.

$1.00 per mile $423.00
$0.50 per mile $211.50
$0.25 per mile $105.75
$0.10 per mile $ 42.30
$0.05 per mile $ 21.15


If you prefer, you may mail a check, payable to the Pablove Foundation, to: Adam Weber, 9379 E Windrose Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260. To learn more about the Pablove Foundation, visit www.pablove.org . You can learn more about the ride at www.pabloveacrossamerica.com .
To learn more about Leo’s story, please visit www.caringbridge.org/visit/leoweber .


Adam and Joy Weber

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